Yoga can help support the mental health of teenagers.

At a stage where they are navigating the changes in their body, yoga gives teenagers the downtime they need. During the secondary school years, there are changes in what is expected from them at school, more homework, stress of exams, peer pressure, negotiating social media, dealing with puberty and the confusion that can create whilst finding their own path towards independence. Learning to listen to their bodies whilst practising yoga asana leads to a better understanding of what they need to support their mental health. Pranayama (breath work) can ease anxiety and reduce stress. Meditation alongside mindfulness helps to ground them and aids sleep. Building confidence through the different parts of a yoga practice, they learn respect for their bodies as well as nurturing empathy for others.

The S1/2 class is on Tuesday evenings from 18.40-19.25. Please contact me for further information or to book your child into a taster session.