Primary school feedback from class teachers

‘Everyone liked doing yoga and lots of us loved it and would like more. Thank you it was amazing.’

‘The yoga sessions are fantastic and really engaging for all the pupils. Thanks so much. We loved yoga.’

‘The sessions were brilliant and Caroline is a gifted teacher. The class really responded well to her calm, kind approach and we looked forward to our sessions each week.’

‘Thank you so much for sharing your skills. Everything was well thought out and delivered. Every session was a gem for the children and their teacher.’

‘The class enjoyed the 3 sessions very much and look forward to carrying on some techniques in class.’

I have been teaching yoga in a City of Edinburgh Council primary school for two years, teaching yoga to each class from P1 up to P7. I can adapt a yoga session to suit the needs and space of the school, whether that is aligning a yoga class to a topic or teaching in a classroom environment. Yoga supports Health & Wellbeing in the Curriculum for Excellence and is also closely aligned with the Building Resilience programme.

Teaching yoga classes built around a theme like harvest, day & night or shapes allow younger children (P1-4) to enjoy  yoga postures in an accessible way while furthering their knowledge and understanding of a topic they are learning about in class. For younger children I sometimes include a story to help them understand the philosophy aspect of yoga. The Crow's Tale by Naomi Howarth is one of my favourites.  A beautiful tale by the Edinburgh born author, of how courage and kindness helps others, and in turn brings great strength and reward to those who foster it. 

For older children I introduce traditional asana (yoga poses) alongside yoga philosophy and relaxation in accessible way; building on their ability to learn from and listen to their bodies.

I have also been working with children with Additional Support for Learning needs and worked with the University of Edinburgh to research the benefits of weekly yoga sessions for these children in the summer term of 2019.

In October 2019 I delivered a yoga programme to S6 in a secondary school in Edinburgh, focusing on sleep and exam stress.