I believe yoga is about adapting the asana to suit your body, not your body to suit the asana.

It is essential to have time to explore asana to ensure correct alignment for your body. With just five mats I can ensure a more personal approach in my studio. We have access to a variety of props - blocks, belts, bricks, blankets and chairs to support a gentle and positive yoga practice for beginners through to more experienced practitioners.

My personal yoga practice has been influenced by many different yoga lineages and this is reflected in how I teach. I have attended workshops and classes that incorporate other body work like somatic, pilates and rolfing which also arise in my teaching.

. Yoga helps to build muscle strength leading to healthier joints and better flexibility. Yoga can support an improvement in your posture and focus, as well as increase bone density. It will, over time, stabilise the response of the nervous system and expand lung capacity.  

Bringing focus to the breath, it encourages  the mind to become still. This enables us to be present on our yoga mat, creating a balance between the mind and the body.

There is  evidence that a regular yoga practice can help those with high blood pressure, heart disease, back pain, insomnia, digestive disorders, arthritis, asthma, anxiety, depression and stress