My first experience of yoga was when a friend, the nutritionist Toral Shah,  invited me to a weekend of yoga with Suzy Bolt in 2001, which I still attend seventeen years later. After that initial weekend I started attending Iyengar yoga classes.

After a much loved career as a fashion stylist and feature writer, I had three boys in four years and knew it was a job I could not go back to. I hesitated with the idea of becoming a yoga teacher as I was worried it would change my enjoyment from my own personal practice. However, in 2016 when I started exploring  yoga in more depth, I knew I had found my next dream job.

My interest in children's yoga grew whilst practicing with my own three boys at home. I could see the benefits unfold almost immediately. I qualified as a children's yoga teacher in the summer of 2017 with Toni Westaway. In June 2017,  I completed the one year  foundation course with Yoga Scotland and continued studying with them on their 500hr Teacher Training course, which I completed in June 2019. 

I have a personal practice at home on my yoga mat and in my yoga swing; usually early mornings to avoid my children gatecrashing!  Yoga helps me cope with the everyday wear and tear of life as a mother of three boys and everything else that is thrown at me. Yoga has become interwoven with my life, whether it's taking  a moment to breathe whilst parenting or my daily asana, pranayama and meditation practice. I enjoy the acceptance of myself, in that moment, on my yoga mat and the serenity it brings. Some days I have stillness and balance in tree pose and on other days it is  a challenge to still my mind and focus. I endeavour to accept this and take it as a reminder to show myself compassion on my yoga mat which is something I always reiterate in my classes; everyday day is different! Although I am training in Hatha Yoga, I still attend classes with my favourite teachers in Edinburgh.  I'm still drawn to the precision of Iyengar and enjoy the variety of Aerial, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative as you never stop learning once you begin your yoga journey.

And why The Yoga Crow? Bakasana (crow pose) is a humbling asana to practice. There are a lot of nose dives as illustrated above! For me, it illustrates the importance of a daily practice, a focused mind and an acceptance of yourself on your yoga mat in that given moment. It is an analogy of life, sometimes we have a great day where we feel even minded and the day flows seamlessly.  Other days can be a little more chaotic and unpredictable.  Yoga can help us through all of it.

And… nickname at primary school was Crowline :-)